There I am, sat on my sofa patiently waiting. 

Tight white t-shirt, black thong, red soles and my collar. I haven’t seen Sir for over 2 weeks now, and I can’t tell you how nervous I am. 

Nervous to the point that I am cold and covered head to toe in goosebumps. The cold helps with the perky nipples in the t-shirt so there is a bonus. 

There it is, the familiar sound of keys outside my front door and my heart starts to race. I take a deep breathe and close my eyes. 

I open my eyes in time to find him stood at the door way. Taking in the sight of his little slut. 

His smile, deep brown eyes. So nice to see he is happy to see me. I try my best to mask the cheshire cat grin thats beaming across my face but my eyes wide and sparkling will have no doubt given away the joy and excitement I’m feeling to see him again. 

He walks over, bends down so he’s level with me and kisses me. God how I have missed his lips, soft freshly shaven face, his tongue. His arms engulf me and pull me into a hug. I don’t know why I’m so hesitant to touch him, I’m still sat on my hands, but it doesn’t take long until I have my arms round him. His broad and muscly shoulders. My head rest into the crook of his neck, I inhale and take in the smell of his aftershave. 

He tells me what a good girl I am, how I look gorgeous.

I am beckoned over to the dining room table and told to bent over. My arse is greeted by an almighty slap that it took me by surprise. I don’t think he has slapped my arse that hard before. He keeps going and I don’t care, the sting starts spreading just as the next slap hits the other cheek. 

And theres that familiar of leather against my skin. That lovely, strong, leather belt. What a beautiful combination, leather and my arse. 

My arse is a hot stinging mess and I love it. 

I drop to my knees in that familiar position, where I belong. His hard cock in front of me as I look up into his eyes. 

He wraps my hair round his hand and pushes my mouth on to his cock. God I’ve missed this. 

It doesn’t take long before I’m kneeling in my kitchen. Sir is completely naked and standing above me. 

I tease his cock with my tongue, lapping at it, up and down. Taking his balls into my mouth and sucking, while i tease his arsehole with my finger. Easing it in gently while I suck on his cock. 

I look up and he must be able to see the desperation in my eyes. Desperation to please.

He tells me just what I want to hear - that he’ll never find someone like me again. Filthy and willing to do as he pleases. 

Then without warning, his warm cum on my chin, my chest, my tongue. My lips are covered, and I just can’t help but lick my lips. 

But its not over. 

A warm drip.. and then another.. 

My t-shirt is soaked, clinging to my skin, clinging to my hard nipples. Legs open and I’m playing with my clit as Sir pisses over. 

Mouth open and he fills it up, it spills over my lips down my chin, my chest, my lap. 

This brings me to cum, a quivering, moaning, shaking mess. 

And what a mess I am, covered in cum and piss.

What a perfect Sunday afternoon, and a perfect way to welcome him home. 

SS x

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